A company specialized in bot platform and AI.
Our mission is to simplify our life & work styles ultimately
with IT technologies revolutions.


Bot building & deploying platform


A extremely simple & cross platform bot building service

No programming skills are required, Even API of your awesome site.  ✓
Build once, and deploy anywhere. Facebook Messenger, LINE, Landing Page, Widget ... e.g. ✓
Support sandbox mode that you can edit your bot without worrying about bothering your customers ✓
FREE for most of the business uses & personal uses ✓


A Bot on a Page

✓ Build a web page with more smart spirit inside like human staffs without programming .
✓ Help your visitors to find what they want more easily to reduce the bounce rate.
✓ All the activity logs are trackable.
✓ Easily to connect to slack, email or even API webhook.

Our Team

We are from different countries with different background,
yet a same dream brings us tightly together that is to make the world more simple
with technical revolutions.

Start programming from 1995, Started career in Japan from 2005, after 4yrs of enterprise-oriented exp as PM/SE, founded 2 companies of game/internet. Accomplished about 100 2B/2C/Game/OSS projects  as fullstack engineer, UI/UX designer & PM. 

Graduated from Keio University, and dropped out of Waseda grad school and founded 1st company specializing in web marketing. After selling out it, supported for overseas Startups' Japan entry projects. Specialist of biz dev and marketing.


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Minato-ku , Tokyo
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